Great Possibilities With Oppo F19S Camera Phone


The Oppo F19S is a new smartphone from the Oppo Group, which has been introduced to the Indian consumers only a few months ago. It is a high-end mobile phone from Oppo with a lot of exciting features and capabilities that will surely excite the user. All the major players in the mobile world have started making phones every year and the competition is very stiff in this segment. The Oppo F19S is different from other mobiles in the sense that it has been equipped with some of the latest technologies and it comes with a price tag too.

Connectivity options in the Oppo F19S include wi-fi, gps, micro SD card, USB OTG, USB Type-C, 3G, and 4G support. Other sensors in the phone includes accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass/magnetometer, proximity sensor, and in-screen fingerprint sensor. The battery life in this phone is impressive too as it lasts till 23 hours. It has a neat design with an angular appearance, which gives it a sporty feel to it. One of the unique features of this handset is the feature called Zen UI, which is pretty neat. This is extremely useful in allowing you to navigate through the phone without having to take your eyes off the road.

It does not come with many accessories and one of the major disappointment people have with the Oppo F19S is that it does not come with a micro SD card. This is unfortunate because this is the one accessory that you would always require to add more storage to the cell phone. You could buy one from another company but then you will have to pay a extra bucks for it. You could opt for micro SD card readers which can easily connect to your Oppo F19S via usb type-c. There are a number of other accessory options available with the Oppo F19S as well. However, you need to be careful to choose the right one.

The Oppo F19S does not have any problem in storing images and videos. It does have a memory which is adequate enough to hold hundreds of pictures or videos. Even with large files, the Oppo F19S manages to save them in just a few seconds. The connectivity features that are present in this handset have enabled people in India to access high speed internet services as well. oppo f19s

If you want to check your images on the internet, you can simply connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable. You could then upload them to your computer and view them there. There is also an option called eMorph. This feature enables you to switch between the front and rear cameras by pressing the primary camera button twice. In the secondary camera setup menu, you can click the same button to switch to the rear camera.

There are a lot of facilities and unique functionalities that this amazing handset has to offer. The advanced image processing engine of the Oppo F19S allows you to shoot videos with the help of a single click. Apart from this, the advanced image processing engine of the Oppo F19S enables you to edit your images. You can apply different filters to the images and can also select different color combinations. You can enjoy all these features and all at the most affordable price with the Oppo F19S.

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